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..............District Madakari Nayaka Association ®, Chitradurga is a Registered Body as per KCR Act, 1960, Vide Registration No. S16/1968-69. Dated: 20-08-1968.

............It has opened number of Schools and Colleges including Technical Schools in throughout Karnataka for the benefit of poor and down trodden people particularly at rural areas. The aim of this society is to up lift the poor and down trodden students Hence this society has started Ayurvedic Medicine College, Engineering College, Nursing Colleges, B.Ed. Colleges, D.Ed. Colleges, Degree Colleges, Pre-University Colleges, High Schools and Primary Schools including Hostels.

..........The Schools and Colleges have been started by the Management in rural areas for the benefit of the students of poor and backward classes. This Management has appointed highly qualified like Doctorate Holders, PhD Holders, M.Phil. Holders in order to improve the Education System for the poor community students.
The Management has registered in the name of the Madakari Nayaka since the Madakari Nayaka Dynasty has established as a Kings and Rulers in Chitradurga Historical Fort which is a well known fact in Karnataka in order to continue the names of the rulers and dynasty of Madakari, this Management registered Education Society in its name in order to spread the famous Kings of the Madakari Dynasty who ruled the Chitradurga Fort for more than 300 Years. The existing fort itself shows the glory of the Madakari Dynasty for which foreigners, Indians and other countries visit the fort as a tourist.
..........The Management has constructed beautiful buildings for Schools and Colleges for the benefit of students including Hostels.
The Management has-constructed a beautiful and huge building in front of the Historical Fort Chitradurga.